Itazura na Kiss!

Konnichiha sasuke here,

This post is about one of my favorite anime ItaKiss! So lovely name isn’t it!

When I watched it first time I was like “I wish my life is like this anime” I dont want to be a ninja nor a magician nor a deathgod but I just want to be a goof lover like Irie Naoki and Aihara Kotoko.

Such a cute pair

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Favorite Anime

Hey guys,

My Fav anime till now is Toradora! I’ve always love Drama and toradora has sweetest moments which I really really wanted to experience! 

Taiga-sama Fans Club  President and only member xD

Love Taiga,Love her suu much that I’ve decided to fall for a Tsundere! Tsun Tsun FTW!!!!

The anime follows the Light novels su neatly and clearly,Which is the thing why I’ve also read the Light novel and the ending is a bit different in the anime but Happy Ending and Ahh  Ryuu no yatsu he stole Taiga-sama first kiss =.= >.<

But I feel sad for Minorin, Such an energetic character and Mai-chan, well cool beauty!Image

BTW Its not like I want you to read this Blog or so Hmmmph *puppy eyes* 

Hmmph,have a good day!

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Hey Guys,

My name is Sasuke (RL name, real name is Sai cool isn’t it xD)!

I’ve always been obsessed to games and Thought I dont have time to anything in my life!

But one day my Friend Introduced me to this Anime World and I always thank him for introducing me to his new world where even a dude like meh can Enjoy the every emotion of this world!

I love expressing my emotions su much! My friends say that only girls cry while watch sad movies! but after watching anime I thought that what my friends said is not true!

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Aisaka Taiga

Aisaka Taiga

My Love My inspiration!Whenever I fell sad I watch Toradora!

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